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Our Work

Joshua Clark is a professional videographer and photographer who seeks to cultivate a legacy of service, cultural awareness, and leadership through media & entertainment. He never stops working to ensure the absolute highest quality content and continuously explores opportunities to learn and grow from and with all he encounters.  He uses his experiences from the past and present to guide his future, never sacrificing what he feels is right and just.


As an independent producer Joshua is well versed in all aspects of production. He has led teams in hiring staff, working with the guilds, securing locations and permits, and establishing relationships with vendors. He loves preparation and execution whether it is line producing or creative producing both on and off set.

He has produced, shot, and edited training and promotional videos for corporations, commercials, short films and documentaries along with other types of content and is always looking for his next challenge.


Joshua is based in Los Angeles, CA but is open to opportunities outside of California and the U.S.

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